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Getting the right candidates at the right time is every HR Managers dream. At Tatwa, we work towards achieving that dream for you. We have considerable expertise in providing Permanent/Temporary Staffing at various levels. Our streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs, both technically and culturally.

Contract Staffing

We will work collaboratively with you to deliver solutions that are cost-effective and uniquely address your company's requirements.


Tatwa recruits the employees as per the requirement by

  • the Client in terms of skills, experience and contract period & location
  • Forwarding of relevant profiles to the client
  • Approval by the client of select contract staff
  • Contract staff on board at the client's site at short notice
  • Tatwa manages the HR, administration and regulatory compliances
  • Our consulting services ensure that you turn stronger, more
  • competitory and resourceful of managing global business. Our consulting
  • services pore on creating aggressive vantage. We determine what action
  • present make the most advantage, and then compel strategies.
  • Permanent Staffing

    We understand that permanent requirements requires both the candidate and client to match Whether you are searching for a CEO or a junior management professional, finding the right candidate is both a highly refined and multi-dimensional process. We begin with an understanding of the subtle nuances of your corporate culture, carefully assessing your policies, and hiring requirements we then match your job opportunities to pre-qualified candidates who meet your requirements. Our extensive process ensures that our candidates are reliable, responsible, and skilled and possess a strong work ethic. This includes:

  • Sourcing & Screening resumes for identifying the right candidates
  • In depth personal interview
  • Extensive skills assessment
  • Employment history validation
  • Thorough reference checking